I heard a tale of woe recently, where a sole-proprietor contractor passed away. Employees working under the license were trying to finish up on outstanding jobs while the family mourned, and a competitor thought it was a perfect opportunity to file a complaint with the State Contractor’s Board because the business no longer had a… Read More

If you want to protect your Reno business from legal backlash, hiring an in-house or an “outside in-house” a legal corporate counsel should be on your priority list. Many large companies turn to a Reno corporate counsel in order to keep their businesses functioning properly. It becomes the lawyers job to draft legal documents and… Read More

BREAKING UP IS HARD TO DO. IT’S EXPENSIVE, TOO. Business partnerships are like a marriage. If the number one cause of divorce in marriage is not seeing eye-to-eye on finances, imagine how exasperated a relationship built on financial goals can get. This is where a Reno business contract can be helpful in your partnership. In… Read More

You Need to Draft a Contract, But a Short One Will Work Reluctance to Drafting Contracts in Reno One common concern I’ve noticed with many of my service clients is the reluctance to have a general contract form provided to all clients. Some of the reasons I hear in defense of not having such a… Read More

Because Nevada is an At-Will state, many employers do not realize they should solidify their employment expectations into written rules, especially when it comes to letting employees know what actions can bring about their termination. While the general notion behind At-Will employment is that an employer can fire an employee without cause, it is not… Read More

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