Heather A. Ijames

Reno Business Law Attorney

Heather has been corporate counsel to Homeowner's Associations, municipalities, residential developers, land development firms, technology pioneers, research organizations, restaurants, retail services, and a multitude of other professions and businesses who need legal counsel and advice as they take their businesses and organizations to the next level.

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Heather is a second generation attorney, utilizing pooled experience that spans almost fifty years, two states, six counties, and being in front of over fifty judges to represent the needs of small and large businesses alike.

Heather attended law school at the University of San Diego, and thereafter spent fifteen years in Southern California in civil litigation practice, with an emphasis on contested business transactions and employer rights.

In 2015, Heather came to be a Reno business attorney. She wanted to practice in a more business-friendly state, opening her firm to meet the very specific need of fast-growing businesses that need to protect themselves as Reno earns its ranking in the national business community.

Heather's legal arguments and memoranda as a Reno business attorney have been in front of city councils, state legislatures, and even the Governor's Office. Her business law Reno firm is ready to put your business first.

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