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Business/Transactional Law

Business Lawyer

Business contracts need to be modified specifically for you and your circumstances before you sign the dotted line. Form contracts widely circulated on the internet or within large businesses can often be disregarded in court because they do not contain the necessary terms for an agreement. They also ignore some of the costliest mistakes in agreements, including remedies and directions after a breach occurs.

The other pitfall is a contract that has been reviewed by the other side’s lawyer but not yours. The terms will typically favor one side. Just because it is a friendly transaction doesn't equate to everyone’s interests being protected which is why it would be in your best interest to work with a Reno business attorney like Heather A. Ijames if you are in the Reno area. Ijames Law offers budget conscious Reno business contract review rates so that when you sign, you know someone has your back.

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corporate counsel

Corporate/General Counsel

Corporate Lawyer

In the same way you need to get a business license from the City to open your doors, you need a lawyer to be with you from the onset to make sure your corporation or business is protected. Assessing everything from your entity formation, your lease, your contracts, your disputes, and even how you hire, compensate, and terminate employees, our Reno corporate lawyer can advise you on every facet of your business with premier counsel services.

Don't let your business get bogged down in threats of litigation and legal battles. Instead focus on prevention. Hiring Heather as your outside “in-house” Reno business attorney not only provides you with constant access to legal guidance, it also is provided at a reduced rate for long-term clients.

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general counsel

Private Counsel

Legal Counsel

For the same reason you would become acquainted with one general practice doctor to handle all your health needs, it’s also necessary to become acquainted with a lawyer who can handle all your personal legal transactions.

From your tree falling on your neighbor’s car, collecting the money someone owes you, and even drafting your Powers of Attorney before you become incapacitated, using our Reno legal counsel services means you have constant, direct access to an attorney who knows your goals and aspirations as well as you do. Our Reno-Sparks law firm can be your first line of defense on any legal problem or question you have.

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Reno Property/Real Estate Law

Real Estate & HOA Lawyer

It is becoming more common for Reno property and real estate law agents to draft all the necessary documents to close a property transaction. With the value of homes rising, this is too risky and many times results in things left undone such as the proper recordation of easements and land use agreements like the Reno homeowner association law. Heather is a Reno residential and commercial real estate lawyer you can trust to thoroughly explain Reno property and HOA law so there aren't any surprises.

Some things are better left to attorneys, especially when it comes to valuable assets such as property. Heather can review and help draft all agreements related to the sale, purchase, and lease of property so you know exactly what you are getting and your claim to it is not challenged.

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power of attorneys

Trusts, Wills, and Power of Attorney Drafting

Reno Power of Attorney & Trusts Lawyer

No one wants to talk about it, but precautions have to be made. If they are not, your assets and money can be wasted languishing in probate court. Heather is a local trusts lawyer who can make this process seamless and efficient, even coming to the home or facility of your loved ones who may be unable to travel. She can complete the drafting of these items in only a few hours at a fraction of the cost of other lawyers in town. Even if you have very little to your name, you at least need some winding up. Heather can sit down with you and go over the best documents suited for your situation, even if it is just a health care directive to allow your family or close friend to make decisions for you when you cannot. The unfortunate truth is that with medical advances, our bodies are living longer than our brains. That is why these documents are necessary, in the event we may suffer from dementia or Alzheimer's. Heather can draft these Power of Attorney documents for your loved ones before they lose cognition, saving thousands of dollars on unnecessary guardianship proceedings.

Talk to a Reno Power of Attorney and Trusts lawyer to prevent unrecoverable damages or debt for your business, to square away guardianship for your children and to keep your property from probate.

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