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Every contract you come across needs to be modified specifically for you and your circumstances before you sign the dotted line. Form contracts widely circulated on the internet or within large businesses can often be disregarded in court because they do not contain the necessary terms for an agreement. Form contracts also ignore some of the costliest mistakes in agreements, including remedies and directions after a breach occurs.

The other pitfall is a contract that has been reviewed by the other side’s attorney but not yours. The terms will typically favor one side. Just because it is a friendly transaction doesn't equate to everyone’s interests being protected. Our firm offers budget conscious contract review rates so that when you sign, you know someone has your back.

Navigating the legal aspects of your small business without a corporate contracts lawyer can be daunting, and often ends in costly mistakes. Invest in personalized, affordable and tailored legal services to keep your business protected.

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business law


In your business’s formative years, a contracts lawyer can help you structure your business in a way that limits personal liability, whether that is deciding on a legal partnership agreement, limited liability company (LLC), or shareholders agreement. Be assured that your business starts off on strong legal grounding with a business lawyer.

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Form contracts downloaded from the internet won’t cut it in court. Whether you need to draft or negotiate a contract for a customer, employee or supplier, an attorney-drafted contract can prevent litigation down the road, and set up valuable out-of-court remedies.

business law

Mergers and Acquisitions

There are many legal issues that arise when you are purchasing or selling a business. A business lawyer can help you value your business, write acquisition and purchase agreements, as well as transmit purchases and licenses.

business law

Employee Issues and Agreements

A business contracts lawyer can help draft employment agreements, including non-disclosure agreements, non-competes, and other employment contracts. Having a business attorney on speed dial for your business can help reduce the risks of lawsuits from employees. Lastly, in this day and age when employee retention is almost like a ferris wheel, you need to make sure your employees of today do not go to work for a competitor tomorrow and try to take your customers.

business law

Protect Your Business From Lawsuits and Mitigate Damages

Don’t hire an attorney only after you have been sued, but take steps to possibly avoid litigation altogether from the onset of your business. A business attorney can help protect your business from lawsuits in the first place by covering all of your legal bases. In the case of a lawsuit, a business lawyer can also help reduce the charges and damages you may face in court.