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Heather A. Ijames
Reno-Sparks Lawyer Specializing in Corporate Counsel, Business Law, Real Estate Law, Trusts & Estate Drafting

There are two types of business attorneys you can contact. The first is the one you ask to litigate you out of a problem, and the second is the one you call to avoid litigation altogether.

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Reno Business Attorney

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."

-Benjamin Franklin

This is the motto of our firm in an ever-evolving world of entrepreneurship and ownership which requires owners to be smarter than the legal pitfalls of tomorrow. We understand that the last thing any person wants to do is leave their business or personal affairs unprotected.

Yet this is often the result when parties rely on navigating through business and personal transactions without first consulting with a business attorney, or when they rely on self-help methods and form contracts that can be found online. Heather A. Ijames is a Reno business attorney that will make sure all your business law and personal transaction needs are met with efficiency, knowledge, and results.

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Business Law

As a former business litigator, Heather A. Ijames has seen the aftermath of unguided legal transactions when they end up in court. Now as a business attorney, Heather has devoted the entirety of her practice to spending that hour with a client to make sure the contract or deal is right. Heather is a trusted business lawyer that wants to prevent any client from having to spend tens of thousands of dollars on a trial.

Heather's ultimate goal is to protect your personal affairs and your business in an overly litigious world. Each client is given the full attention they deserve by a top business attorney so that they can make the right decisions ahead of them.

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Business Law

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What Makes Us Different?


Between the marble colonnades of overpriced firms and the online legal services that are too broad to rely on, Heather A. Ijames is a business attorney that offers you the middle ground of comprehensive services without the high legal costs. Many firms are only interested in billable hours but at Ijames Law, we care about people’s lives and the success of their businesses.


A consultation with our business attorney is about creating lasting relationships. With any good relationship, you need someone who will be attentive to your needs, someone you can trust, and someone who will always be in your corner. Heather is a Reno business attorney that you can trust.

Tailored Services

Our business lawyer attends to every need that your business might need. From employee issues to regulatory and statutory compliance to even making sure your accounts receivables are collected, Ijames Law has got you covered.

Corporate Counsel & Business Law Services

Services for businesses include:

  • Entity formation and registered agent services
  • Corporate counsel designation for protection and negotiation leverage in all business transactions
  • Collection of monies owed
  • Defense and prosecution of claims asserted against the business, including those by state and federal authorities
  • Human Resources legal compliance which includes ADA compliance, HIPPA Compliance, employee matters, confidentiality agreements, non-compete agreements
  • Review and/or drafting of all business contracts including leases, buy/sell agreements, and termination agreements, etc.

Services for individuals include:

  • General counsel designation for protection and negotiation leverage when transacting with other individuals and businesses
  • Creation of trusts, wills, and powers of attorney--both health care and financial
  • Review and drafting of residential and commercial leases
  • Review and advisement of real property purchase and sale documents
  • Collection of debt
  • Drafting of promissory notes, etc.