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Trusts, Wills, and Power of Attorney Drafting

Trusts, Wills, and Power of Attorney Drafting – No one wants to talk about it, but precautions have to be made. If they are not, your assets and money can be wasted languishing in probate court. Heather is a local trusts and estate lawyer who can make this process seamless and efficient, even coming to the home or facility of your loved ones who are unable to travel. Heather can complete the drafting of these items in only a few hours at a fraction of the cost of other lawyers in town. Even if you have very little to your name, you at least need some winding up. Heather can sit down with you and go over the best documents suited for your situation, even if it is just a power of attorney or health care directive to allow your family or close friend to make decisions for you when you cannot. The unfortunate truth is that with medical advances, our bodies are living longer than our brains. That is why these documents are necessary, in the event, we may suffer from dementia or Alzheimer's. Heather can draft these documents for your loved ones before they lose cognition, saving thousands of dollars on unnecessary guardianship proceedings.

Talk to a trusts and estate lawyer to prevent unrecoverable damages or debt for your business, to square away guardianship for your children, and to keep your property from probate.

Understanding Trust Law, Power of Attorney, and Wills

Many people go through life without ever going through their assets or planning their legacy. Likewise, very few know the difference between a will and a trust which can lead to big problems later on. For example, assets that are held in a trust typically bypass the probate process whereas wills are often disputed in a court of law which can be timely and expensive.
Also, a licensed attorney can help you appoint someone to be your Power of Attorney, ensuring you have all the necessary documents to make the partnership viable in a court of law.

Essentially, a trust creates a legal relationship where property - including real, personal, and intellectual - is held by one party for the benefit of another party. The trustor (also called the grantor or settlor) is the party who is creating the trust. They then appoint a trustee to the trust where the chosen person will have access to manage the trustor’s property even after the trustor has passed. The trustee will then manage and administer the assets to heirs and beneficiaries based on the direction given by the trustor.

There are many ways a trusts attorney can help you through the estate planning process for yours and your family's security. See how hiring a trusts lawyer to represent you can limit your liability and risk of facing discourse or legal action later on.

Do you need representation from a trusts lawyer?

A trusts attorney may represent a trustor and the trustee. While most assume that a will or trust is designed only for the wealthy, this is the farthest from the truth. Anyone who owns property such as a home or land, has children, important intellectual property, or assets that they want to be given to a specific person, should consider planning their legacy with a secure trust or will. It’s crucial that you protect yourself and your family from facing lengthy and costly legal proceedings.

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For Trustors

A trusts attorney can legally assist a trustor or grantor secure their legacy by providing a variety of helpful legal advice and aid including:

  • Explaining the benefits of creating a trust either in conjunction with or as an alternative to a will and other estate plans
  • Preparing, finalizing and filing proper legal documents to create and secure the trust
  • Answering questions in regards to estate planning and trusts
  • Oversees the trustee and ensures everything is legally binding
  • Helps prevent legal action from being taken against you
  • Assists with other disputes which can’t be settled by the trustor alone
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For Trustees

A trusts attorney can legally assist a trustee with a variety of concerns in regards to managing someone’s assets such as:

  • File and prepare legal documents on behalf of the trustee
  • Assist the trustee with complicated legal decisions
  • Solve disputes between involved parties
  • Provide legal aid when administering assets
  • Ensures all paperwork is properly prepared and legally binding
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For Beneficiaries and Heirs

Beneficiaries and heirs of trusts are also entitled to legal representation to ensure they are adequately protected and receive their full portion of the trust. A trusts lawyer will also:

  • Ensure no favoritism occurs between the trustee and other beneficiaries
  • Help heirs and beneficiaries receive their designated assets
  • Provide proper representation in case of disagreements or legal disputes

How can a trusts attorney help you and your family?

Trustors and trustees can both benefit from advising with a qualified trusts attorney to help them navigate the ambiguous language behind your important legal documents and the law itself. From interpreting documents to helping you manage assets accordingly, a trusts attorney will help ensure your legacy is in good hands.

First, you’ll need a trusts attorney to help you appoint a trustee. This person will hold your assets for your chosen beneficiaries and will administer them based upon your requests. Trustees are responsible for the trusts and are required to make conservative decisions in regards to the trust. They must also keep accurate records, file tax returns, report to the beneficiaries, and perform a laundry list of other important tasks for the trust. Fortunately, a trusts lawyer can help the trustee manage and administer assets as needed.

A trusts attorney can help families with the following services:
  • Interpret governing documents and laws
  • Amend governing documents
  • Prepare new legal documents and set up the trust
  • Represent the trustor and the trustee
  • Provide general legal counsel in regards to trusts, wills, and Powers of Attorney

How Heather Ijames - Trusts Lawyer - Can Help

Being well-versed in trusts law takes time to master and being unequipped with the right information can leave you extremely vulnerable in serious situations. Fortunately, Heather has extensive experience in providing legal aid to trustors and trustees. She’s able to interpret documents and laws to help you better understand them and can represent you in a legal case. Also, Heather can help ensure that you’re protected from opposing parties by helping you secure your assets and much more.

Trusts, Wills, and Powers of Attorney can be confusing legal matters to fully understand. That’s why they’re best left to the professionals to handle. If you’re looking to appoint a trustee to your estate plans or are responsible for managing someone else’s trust, then consider meeting with a qualified lawyer today.

Heather Ijames has the drive to properly represent you in regard to trusts and wills. Connect with her today.