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No one wants to talk about it, but precautions have to be made in the event that something happens to you or your spouse. If they are not, your assets and money can be wasted languishing in probate court. In drafting your trust, Heather can make this process seamless and efficient, even coming to the home or facility of your loved ones who are unable to travel. She can complete the drafting of these items in only a few days at a fraction of the cost of other lawyers in town. Even if you have very little to your name, you at least minimal winding up. Heather can sit down with you and go over the best documents suited for your situation, even if it is just a Power of Attorney or health care directive to allow your family or close friend to make decisions for you when you cannot. The unfortunate truth is that with medical advances, our bodies are living longer than our brains. That is why these documents are necessary. Heather can draft these documents for your loved ones before they lose cognition, saving thousands of dollars on unnecessary guardianship proceedings.