real estate law

Limit Your Risk

Typically, real estate agents and brokers draft all the necessary documents to close a property related transaction. However, Heather Ijames is a real estate lawyer who can also draft purchase agreements, which could save you thousands of dollars in commissions. Instead of paying an agent 3-6%, you would only have to pay an attorney’s hourly rate to prepare the documents. Moreover, when a lawyer prepares transactional documents, they are much more protective than standard forms used by a broker. Our Reno real estate lawyer can cover more ground and protect more legal rights with their customizable transaction documents. Heather also has a network of Title and Escrow Officers who could complete your transaction to perfection, all the while saving you thousands of dollars.

Ijames Law can also help with items that occur once you own your property, or when you are leasing it. Items that can be covered with a Reno residential/commercial real estate lawyer are:
    • Rights and interests in real estate and real property
    • Sales, purchases, and other transfers of real estate and real property (both commercial and residential)
    • Drafting, interpreting, and terminating leases (both commercial and residential)
    • Legal aspects of rental property and landlord issues
    • Tenants', renters' and homeowners' rights
    • Title claims
    • Settlement of claims against property rights
    • Property development
    • Drafting and enforcing CC&Rs (Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions)
    • HOA law matter
    • Seller financing with Deeds of Trust and Promissory Notes
    • Any other issue you may have as it relates to a property interest

Looking to sell your home? Work with our Reno residential and commercial real estate lawyer!