Even though estate planning has traditionally been viewed as a concern for wealthy older people, a trust can and should be done by anyone who owns their own home, has minor children, or for anyone else who wants to make their heirs lives as easy as possible. Additionally, the cost of probate could be a significant estate cost with the rising values of real property.

Often, a probate attorney can take between 2% and 4% of the estate value as their fee, and when the median home price is upwards of $300,000.00, it’s far more cost effective to pay for a trust now, than have your estate pay for a probate later.

At the law office of Heather A. Ijames, we have competitive pricing, the know-how to avoid making costly mistakes with trusts, and additional advice on how to prevent probate.

Why Work With a Reno Estate Planner?

Heather Ijames is an estate planner who is ready to help you prevent your property from probate, all while explaining which estate planning product is right for you. Learning the difference  between them, in addition to the costs and processes of probate, is something Heather believes is incredibly important. 

About Heather Ijames

Ijames Law highly recommends having a trust prepared, as it’s a document that directs the distribution of assets after your death to any assigned beneficiaries without the costs and time associated with probate court. Don’t forget that even with a will, your estate will still be headed to probate. A trust is the only way to avoid probate.

Ijames Law also understands the desire for parents with young children to make sure their kids get to the right guardian and to bring as little disruption to their lives as possible in the wake of losing their parents. Heather walks you through the available options on how you can set up steps for your children, even under the care of another.

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